Abalone is a type of mollusk that has ear-shaped shells, as well as feet and tentacles. It clings to rocks near the shores and is usually consumed by other marine species. The shell of Abalone is highly durable. Microscopic calcium carbonate builds up like bricks and is stuck together by protein layers. These proteins absorb the blows to the Abalone shell, while the calcium carbonate prevents the shells from shattering. It is perhaps no surprise that you might also know of the Abalone shell as the Abalone stone. After all, such strength and durability have more in common with rocks and stones than with most creatures of the deep, and this rigidness has a great deal to do with the symbolism of Abalone overall. Abalone combines ideas of serenity and strength in equal measure, as you will discover in welcoming it into your life. However, because of its remarkable natural sheen, it has been held in the same regard as many precious gems since ancient times and has been respected and treasured the world over. Much of this beauty comes from the very organic nature of Abalone altogether – beauty that has been created by the fact that no two Abalone stones are ever truly alike.

Abalone is very useful when it comes to stimulating your psychic development. It will enhance your intuition and other psychic gifts.

Abalone can strengthen the body’s structure and improve the functions of the heart. It can also strengthen the muscle tissues.


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