Ghee is a healthy fat, which is lactose free, full of short and medium chain fatty acids such as Butyric acid and is a source of fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. It contains the antioxidant CLA, and has a high tolerance to heat, both of which prevent the formation of free radicals that damage DNA and can cause cancer. It is free of harmful trans-fatty acids that contribute to obesity and has the ideal ratio between Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fats.


Some of the many benefits of ghee proven by modern science are the balancing of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, stimulation of digestive enzymes, weight loss, improvement of absorption of nutrients, lubrication of joints, reduction of inflammation, softening of hardened tissue and extraction of toxins from the body’s cells.


Our pure organic cow’s ghee is lovingly and patiently made with 100% Canadian organic butter which is free of herbicide and pesticide residue, growth hormones or antibiotics.  The cows are not given genetically modified supplemental feed and are provided humane living conditions.

Suggested Use:

There are many ways that ghee can be used for topical and internal applications, taking advantage of its healing qualities.
Ghee makes a soothing massage oil, nourishing moisturizer and is used in various health regimes. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Ghee-Prasad Ayurveda Org (225g)

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