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L-glutamine is an amino acid essential for recovery after strenuous exercise or critical illness. Following heavy or prolonged exercise it protects muscle tissue and supports muscle growth. Natural Factors Micronized L-Glutamine provides an easier form of glutamine for the body to absorb. It has no taste and mixes easily into water.


  • Accelerates recovery time, increases energy, and reduces the risk of infection following prolonged or intense exercise
  • Supports muscle recovery and growth, especially following strenuous exercise
  • Natrually boosts the immune system, helping to protect against infection and disease
  • Helps prevent infection during illness by strengthening the immune system, maintaining the integrity of the intestinal barrier, and preventing infectious agents from entering the body


Servig size 1 scoop (5 g)
Serving : 60
Servings Amount/Serving  %DV

L-Glutamine Micronized

Technology micronized greatly minimizes the particle size,

allowing the body to break down and absorb more easily glutamine

5 g **
* Daily value not established.

Suggested Use:

1 scoop (6.5 cc) or 1 heaping tsp daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. L-Glutamine has no taste and mixes easily in water or your favourite beverage. 

2224 3299

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