Lactoferrin is an iron transporter protein that is a natural part of the human defense system. It is a first line of defense found in various secretions such as saliva, tears and milk, and it is important for fighting infections and stimulating the immune system. It may also improve nutrient absorption and stimulates bone growth.* Its effects on the immune system may help to fight infections, abnormal cellular growth and modulate the immune system to avoid excessive inflammation.*

Since iron is an essential nutrient for harmful bacteria, lactoferrin’s iron binding ability restricts pathogenic growth.* It attempts to also prevent harmful bacteria from attaching to intestinal walls. One of lactoferrin’s breakdown products inhibits viral access to cells. Not all bacteria are harmful, and some are essential to health. Lactoferrin may be an important factor for the proper composition of healthy bacteria in the gut.*

Lactoferrin’s potential roles in helping the body fight infections, balancing the immune system and maintaining healthy cell growth, bone health, and gastrointestinal health make it an important nutrient for overall health.*


  • May inhibit pathogen growth*
  • Potentially enhances the immune system*
  • Attempts to promote a healthy gastrointestinal system*
  • May help as an Anti-inflammatory*

Recommended Use:

Take 1-6 capsules per day in divided doses with meals and a few hours before or after taking other medications, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.*


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