Maca root is offered in several formats including liquids, but these concentrated (6:1) powders may be the most convenient; they can either simply be swallowed in capsule form, or added to drinks or used as a baking or cooking ingredient as a powder. This blend of different type of maca prepared in a unique gelatinization process which removes the starches to make it easier to absorb and digest and more concentrated than other types on the market.Peruvian Harvest and MacaPro are both product lines of the same company, UHTCO, which is based in Peru and does its packaging in Canada.


  • Maca has been traditionally used as an adaptogen
  • The term adaptogen refers to plants that have the ability to increase non-specific resistance of the body to a variety of stressors and can be taken over long periods of time without side effects. 
  • Maca has had a reputation of being beneficial for both strength and stamina


contain Dried Maca Roots: a blend of 80% black, 15% purple, and 5% yellow maca. Raw, Certified USDA Organic. Gluten-free, Non-GMO. They contain no artificial ingredients, and no irradiation or high heat was used in their production.

580 mg Maca [Lepidium meyenii Walp. (1843) (Brassicaceae)] root extract, 6:1, QCE 3.48 grams

Hypromellose (veg. capsule)

Suggested use:


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