1999 2299


Made in Vancouver, BC Canada by Ferlow Botanicals, Great for scrapes and scratches and can promote accelerated healing. Excellent for skin rashes and for soothing irritations.


  • Calendula extract (Calendula officinalis), antiseptic and antifungal promotes healing.
  • Extract of Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) help sooth and calm inflammation.
  • Comfrey root extract (Symphytum officinale), promotes accelerated healing.
  • Aloe Vera has long been valued for its soothing, calming and regenerating qualities.

Ingredients: Calendula extract (Calendula officinalis) chamomile extract (Matricaria chamomilla), comfrey root extract (Symphytum officinale), aloe vera gel (Aloe vera), distilled water, polawax, grape seed oil, vegetable glycerine, cetyl alcohol, 1, 2-hexanedoil & caprylyl glycol, vitamin E (d-alphatocopherol), sorbitol. Contains no soy, gluten or dairy.

Suggested use:

Apply to area of concern as often as needed - at least twice a day.


1999 2299

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