Glycerin is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic. Glycerin is a humectant, a type of moisturizing agent that pulls water into the outer layer of your skin from deeper levels of your skin and the air. 

Uses of Glycerol or Glycerin:

Skin Care: Glycerin is used as a humectant which acts as a moisturizer. Glycerin acts as a main ingredient in cleansers, toners, sunscreens, soaps, face masks. Glycerin keeps skin young by providing glow to epidermis. It helps in reducing acne because it is safe for skin and is oil free. Glycerin helps in treating wounds and keeps skin hydrated which is necessary for our skin. 

Anti-microbial: Due to having antimicrobial and antiviral properties it is widely used in FDA approved wound and burn treatments. It can be used as an effective marker to measure liver disease.

Sweetener: Glycerol/Glycerin is widely used as a sweetener in the food industry. 

Glycerin 175mL

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